George Lewis Parsons II

Founder, CEO, President
Lewis Parsons
Mr. Parsons founded Broadcast Your Vision in 2011 to enable businesses of all sizes to have a single unified platform to conduct, market, and monetize their efforts. He currently serves the most important role as the Chief Executive Officer and President. His vast experience, dedication, and vision guide and direct Broadcast Your Vision. Mr. Parsons has an enormous passion for excellence and illustrates that daily in his abilities to navigate the company in the correct directions as the industry changes to ensure that Broadcast Your Vision stays ahead of the competition and technology curve. Mr. Parsons is a proven and diverse leader who enjoys being involved in every business relationship that formalizes at Broadcast Your Vision, as well as continually creates opportunities for the company on a daily basis to achieve stronger relationships, partnerships, and joint ventures. His experiences in technology dating back to the early 90’s has allowed him to fully understand the trends, growth, and patterns created by various economic cycles in the industry. Mr. Parsons is a passionate leader and never settles for anything less than perfection in everything he involves himself in.