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About Broadcast Your Vision

Broadcast Your Vision Inc. (BCYV) was formed in 2011 to create, develop, and provide software as a service (SaaS). For years prior to our formation, we studied the market and trends of the emerging SaaS and cloud based software industry. We immediately realized that although social media was breaking out inside the industry, that one-day businesses would participate. As we saw this shift, it was clear that a free solution filled with advertisements and loose content controls would ultimately start to discourage corporate America, and propose the question of is the risk I open my business up to on free networks worth being their.
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In 2011, we started our development of the BCYV Platform, which was built around the needs for a true business network that could not only allow businesses to communicate in a business to business (B2B) environment, but control the ability of a company’s business to consumer (B2C) marketing as well. The challenge, was to create a network suitable for businesses that removed the uncontrolled aspects, such as marketing, suggested videos, public walls, blogs, etc. all while keeping the cost to use a network like this affordable. Additionally, develop a control panel and pre approval process for content that is made public. Policing content prior to it being public is a major safety net for businesses to ensure nothing vulgar or slanderous makes it into their public marketing presence.

In 2012, we released our platform beta, which also included a patented video conferencing and broadcasting platform. When in development, we realized that a basic platform was not enough, and engaged in allowing product integration. This allowed us to formulate the building blocks to include cloud offered products and services that integrate with our platform to ease the pain of companies having to utilize several platforms when conducting sale, support, training, or broadcasting. At BCYV we have one of the most efficient cutting edge conferencing solutions, which requires zero downloads and installs, which allow our subscribers the ease of conducting their business. No more having to download a program and install it on your computer, or relying on your party on the other end to install, and create an account to communicate with you.

In 2013, we launched the BCYV Platform V1, and have been delivering effective, efficient solutions for many small, medium, and large companies. Our platform is currently used in sales, and support interactions from several midsize companies that support enterprise clients. Additionally, in late 2013 we decided to release an enterprise level solution to help even the largest companies control sales teams, support teams, marketing, franchisees, direct sales agents, and more.

2014, will be a monumental year for Broadcast Your Vision, as we continue to release products and service that integrate with our platform. We will bring more broadcasting and media features to the table, as well as mobile features. To learn more about how Broadcast Your Vision can expedite your time to market visit our solutions center or contact us today.