Enterprise Solutions

Expand, Grow, Connect

BCYV has developed a complete solution that allows enterprise level companies the ability to streamline their expansion, growth, and connect with their clients. Many companies will get to a point where the discussion revolves around how to build, engineer, and release an effective way to connect satellite locations, sales teams, support teams, and bring consistency to marketing chanells. This can be an expensive undertaking, not to mention very time consuming. At BCYV we realize that massive development, IT nightmares, and countless dollars spent normally results in a delay of your companies ability to stay competitve and focused on the growth ahead. This is why BCYV has released our entire SaaS Platform as a turnkey enterprise licensed product.
White Labeling
Features, Flexibility
No Downloads
B2B, B2C

White Labeling

It is very important as an emerging company to preserve your brand, and is why most companies initally travel down the development of a solution in house. At BCYV, we preserve your brand and work directly with your internal or external IT department to tailor your licensed platform around your brand. We cut your time to market substantially, and in most cases can have your company fully functional, and trained inside 90 days.

Features, Flexibility

Upon activating your enterprise license, our platform allows your company the flexibility to instantly have as many access seats as you choose to license. This will allow features to be deployed seamlessly to your seat users and allow them access to:

  • Video Conference
  • Upload Collateral Via Private Control Panel
  • Broadcast to Public or Controlled Audiences
  • Share Documents
  • Share Videos Via Public Channel
  • Create Videos
  • Upload Videos Via Private Control Panel
  • Support, Train, and Sell to Controlled Audiences

No Downloads

At BCYV we developed our patented conferencing, and broadcasting software to eliminate the need for our users to download files and run an install process. This allows your company the ability to xpedite the training process, as well as connects with your audience free from the hassles of making sure all attendees successfully downloaded and installed the appropriate items to participate. Our entire focus is to streamline, integrate, and remove the margin of error, so your efforts using technology don’t out way the advantages of technology.

B2B, B2C

Through the platforms control panel, you can seamlessly conduct interactions with other colleagues, clients, and businesses. The unique aspect that the BCYV platform brings to the table is an additional layer that allows you to control your B2C interactions seamlessly. Our consumer side allows you to control every ascept of what the consumer views and participates in, as well as does not require the consumer to register or have a page, presence, etc. on the BCYV network.


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We encourage you to learn more about the ways our product can expedite your company’s global efforts and how we can help ease your emerging and expanding business. Contact us today.